Design a Repeater for Digital Rf Signal Essay example

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Repeaters for digital TV broadcasting can use either analogue or digital techniques. The purpose of using repeater is to boost signals into areas of weak coverage in any radio communication system. However wave interference means the repeater usually requires a frequency shift for analogue modulated signal. For digitally modulated signal it may be possible to use same frequency.
This paper investigated and designed a RF repeater which will improve the inter symbol interference by incorporating delay between received and transmit signal. This project also reviewed the basics of current Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) techniques and selected it as a suitable choice for lab experiment. The practical side of this
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It offers advantages in terms of far greater efficiency in terms of spectrum usage and power utilisation as well as being able to affect considerably more facilities, the prospect of more channels and the ability to work alongside existing analogue services. (Pool, 2002)
In these days when there are many ways in which television can be carried from the "transmitter" to the "receiver" no one standard can be optimised for all applications. As a result there are many different forms of the Digital Video Broadcasting, DVB, standards, each designed for a given application.
The main forms of DVB are summarised below: DVB Standard | Meaning | Description | DVB-C | Cable | The standard for delivery of video service via cable networks. | DVB-H | Handheld | DVB services to handheld devices, e.g. mobile phones, etc. | DVB-RSC | Return satellite channel | Satellite DVB services with a return channel for interactivity. | DVB-S | Satellite services | DVB standard for delivery of television / video from a satellite. | DVB-SH | Satellite handheld | Delivery of DVB services from a satellite to handheld devices | DVB-S2 | Satellite second generation | The second generation of DVB satellite broadcasting. | DVB-T | Terrestrial | The standard for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting. |

Digital Video Broadcasting- Terrestrial (DVB-T) :
The common perception of digital television these days is of broadcasts emanating from signal towers, bouncing off

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