Design Thinking Essay

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Arkin Efeoglu1, Charles Møller2, Michel Sérié3, Harry Boer2


SAP Germany
Aalborg University, Denmark
SAP Germany

This paper analyses a variety of Design Thinking methods to identify a
governable pattern that is required to roll out Design Thinking as mindset in a
multi-national company. A comparative analysis is essential to unveil focal
points that lead to this organizational mindset transformation. Hence, a
thorough understanding of the method and its core values may avoid
uncoordinated innovation capabilities. Ultimately innovation will not be an
R&D topic in an organization anymore but become part for every employee’s
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SAP’s co-founder
Hasso Plattner invested in two university campuses, one at Stanford, the other in
Potsdam, which teach and research around Design Thinking and Design Thinking led
innovations. Popularity in industry is increasing as the pressure on innovativeness and
new product introductions increases with an equally increasing competitive pressure
(Brown, 2009). Design Thinking as a method is in line with, or even complements,
other approaches such as open and user-driven innovation. While innovation theory is
one lens, Design Thinking is also interesting from an organization theory perspective,
considering the “thinking” aspect (Rylander, 2009). Most people are trained in
analytical thinking, where problems are broken down in smaller pieces to be solved, and
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from there attempts are developed to predict the future based on data from the past.
According to Brown (2009), this limits the possibilities to envision or even change the
future. Organizations are used to define, and find solutions for problems. The limitation
however of classic problem solving is in quantifying the value, or the behavioral aspects
of the solution (Shamiyeh, 2010). From a behavioral perspective, the reason why
Design Thinking can and does make its way to organizations is, because it is not limited
to designers, but should be part of a managerial task and hence can be done…

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