Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple Essay

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Design thinking and innovation at Apple
“Think Different”, the Apple advertising slogan, has been their main vision in every step they take towards any product design and development. Apple, under the belt of Steve Jobs, has always shown its deep commitment to understand how people used computing devices and a desire to develop “insanely great products”. This speaks a lot about the company culture and great leadership at the top of the company.
In this financially driven market, I consider Steve as one of the leader who not only concentrated on company finances but also about designing quality products. He can be considered as a great leader because he had the ability to look beyond the horizon and predict what customer’s need is. He
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This speaks a lot about faith, passion and courage of both company and its leader in their products. The boldness in experimenting speaks a lot about the confidence in the company. Even though the decision was controversial, the decision to step into retail market is a great success.
Coming to the question of can Apple survive without Steve jobs, I feel yes it can. Apple cannot have another Steve Jobs but it can be led by a man who understands the basic principles of the company. The main driving force such as design, quality, innovation and making things simpler must be carried forward be it in hardware or in software. They should concentrate on robust culture — a “Steve-infused” culture. Today at Apple is going to be exactly the same as yesterday. If anything, the Messiah's departure is only going to make his influence there grow stronger still. As they make their way into work tomorrow, a bunch of motivated, incredibly smart people — all focused on building great products — will have one overarching thought on their mind.
Job’s greatest creation isn't any Apple product. It is Apple culture.

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