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Inquiry | Resources | How can sustainable living reduce our carbon footprint? | Secondary SourceInternetWebsite: | Why is sustainable living very important to adapt at this period of time? | Secondary SourceInternetWebsite:<> | Is recycling important? Why? | Secondary SourceInternetWebsite: | How can we conserve our non-renewable resources? | Secondary SourceInternetWebsite: | What are earth resources? | Secondary …show more content…
Canada’s dependence on non-renewable resources has contributed to global warming and climate change, which in turn has contributed to increases in disease, poverty, and violence. Short-sighted non-renewable resource development policies, such as the development of the tar sands in Northern Alberta, has led to water pollution, health problems, clear cutting, and social problems. The government should shift its focus from unsustainable energy sources and instead, invest in long-term clean renewable energy sources, that would not only help combat climate change, but also create green jobs and build new industries.
What can you do? The most important thing you can do to fight climate change is to contact your elected representatives to have them enact policies that will help solve the climate crisis. Get involved in your students’ union, campus groups or community groups who are also pushing for institutional and governmental change.
However, you can also change your personal habits to help save you money and reduce your ecological footprint. The following guide has been developed to help you make environmentally-friendly choices in your daily life but also to give you ideas of environmentally sustainable initiatives happening on campuses across the country.

Recycling Saves the Earth
Recycling different products will help the

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