Design Nosql Systems For Data Persisence And Implementation Of Design

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This report basically describes the process of design NoSQL systems for data persisence and implementation of design and the solution of tasks that we are required. The dataset we worked with is a music dataset from lastfm and the designs for MongoDB, HBase and Neo4j are based on the dataset features and given queries. The implementation includes creating databases, setting up the schema and running queries, followed by testing the performance. There are also iteration designs for each system in order to gain higher performance.
The report contains five sections. A brief introduciton is showing here and each system has two sections to demonstrate the schema and query design. At the end of the report, a section for comparison among three systems is laied out to discuss the strength and weakness of each system. In addition, several academic articles and books are cited to support the process through designing and implementing.


Schema Design
To design a schema for this user – friend – artist relationship structure in MongoDB, there were couple of things to be considered.
Join vs. Embedded document
One collection vs. Multiple document
One to many vs. Many to Many vs. Many to one
Normalization vs. De-normalization
Write and Read frequency

After considering those factors listed above, first schema was designed to optimize its performance to be more embedded, less collection, de-normalized, and more read command friendly structure (Figure1). Two…

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