Design Change and Conflict - Andy Warhol Essay

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Figure 1. Screenshot of the clip
Figure 1. Screenshot of the clip The very first subject that intrigues us is a scene from a documentary “66 Scenes of America” to which Andy Warhol is seen eating a hamburger. Why does it captivate our imagination and sparked interest? Maybe because it was layered, to ordinary viewer it might have looked like a simple scene of a man slowly eating a hamburger, but deep down there’s message that the director want to get across that can be analyzed through various theorem taught in the class. The group chose “Post-Modernism”, “Barthes’s
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Those alone have metaphorically challenged the Modernism movement whereby the two stream of arts merge. But we can also see the contrast between the celebrity like status of Andy Warhol and the commonplace object of a hamburger. It sort of a personal mockery of the modern world and what’s in it. But as the suspense grows in the clip, as the viewer waited for what he’ll be doing next in that empty room, the clip ended with a simple sentence “ My name is Andy Warhol and I just finished a hamburger” which signifies the merging of the two, or that the two movements can merge together to form this sentence. But from another point view, Barthes for example. It’s the minor details that get picked out. Warhol’s simple remarks, “It won’t come out!” defines what he think of the bottle of sauce as a dilemma and problem for the western society. This single image is enough to supply us with thoughts of what it might imply. This image is similar to Barthes’s explanation on “The Photographic Memory” to which he said, “Although the photo itself often holds many connotative messages, the text around the photo also contributes to its connotation. Barthes describes the text as “parasitic” on the image. In other words, the text borrows the objectivity of the image, while at the same time loading the image with hidden connotations. Thus, words are not just

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