Design And Install A Local Area Network ( Lan ) For The City Of Meridian 's Social Welfare Agency

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Project goal: is to design and install a local area network (LAN) for the city of Meridian’s social welfare agency.
Budget: not to exceed $ 90,000.
Team size risk: one trans professional and two interns from a local university. I think it is great to work with the three personnel to accomplish the project. Alternatively, there is also great risk with the two interns because they need to focus on their class work too.
Budget risk: not to exceed $ 90,000. The biggest problem with setting up a LAN system is the compatibility. For instance, if I brought less costly hardware and software then it will present problems.
Timeline risk: project needs to complete in one month, LAN (delivery and testing).
External access risk: security issues (wired vs. wireless).
Account risk: log in problems, database access problems.
The Key to success of this project is to realize the difficulty of the project scope, asses the risks, and inquiring about possible solutions. In my opinion, I think that the risk associated with the low number of personnel could cause the project to affect the projected timeline, budget, and customer satisfaction. The risk register tables help pinpoint the areas of concern.
Risk event Impact Probability Difficulty Status
Team size risk High High low Continuous
Budget risk High High low Continuous
Timeline risk High Moderate Moderate Installation
External access risk High High High Installation
Account risk Moderate Low High Startup…

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