Design And Implementation Of An Electronic System For Identification Of Rebars

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Design and implementation of an Electronic system for identification of rebars in reinforced concrete.

Abstract- In this paper non-destructive method is implemented in which magnetic self-designed sensor is used to detect position of rebar in reinforced concrete. During the renovation of old buildings it is necessary to locate rebar accurately to avoid damages in construction. This is achieved by Magnetic sensor which is made up of E-shaped core also primary and secondary windings. Due to presence of rebar output of sensor varies. Rotary encoder is used to measure distance between rebar. Display is used to display results. This is portable device that you have to move on wall or column for desired output.
Keywords: Arduino mega, Rotary encoder, Magnetic sensor, SD Card module.
I. INTRODUCTION To inspect the rebar using ant non-destructive method has been a challenging task, especially since they are embedded in prestressed concrete. Visual inspection is not efficient and useful method as it fails to locate rebar accurately. Magnetic sensor used for locating reinforcing steel present within in concrete work on the principle that the steel affects the alternating magnetic field. So this paper discusses development of system by utilizing maximum possible information from magnetic effect on rebar. A E-shaped electromagnet-sensor was designed to magnetize strands and when this hand-held search unit is moved along the concrete surface it results variations in output…

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