Design And Features Of Green Building Essay

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1. Introduction
We have study the model of green building, whereby sustainability factors placed as the foundation that combine with working environment. This green approach provides an eco-friendly working environment for staff which use efficient energy, efficient water, less amount of paper, and healthy office environment. Observation was done by writer on three different office buildings, including, BNZ, Spark NZ, and Meridian. This observation aimed to analyze the sustainable features of green office building. In this report, the writer will explain the green features and the operation of the office buildings, benefits and challenges related to those buildings, and the writer’s personal opinion of the building as the modern workplace.

2. Green Office Building
Green office building design refers to structure and features that are environmentally sustainable. The three office buildings that been observed was BNZ, Spark, and Meridian in Wellington New Zealand. BNZ is a banking company and used to be called as the Bank of New Zealand. The historical values of the company were placed in the museum inside the building. Spark NZ is a telecommunication provider company. Differ with the other two offices; the Spark NZ is located slightly in the middle of the city that attached with other buildings. Those create a limited option for putting environmental feature such as energy efficiency. Meridian is an energy company with located closest to the sea. Those three…

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