Design and Data Essay

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There are many key differences that are important to understand between data oriented and process oriented approaches to designing a new system. The system focus of the data views and process views are entirely different. The process view focuses on what the systems supposed to do and when, while the data view has a focus on what the system needs to operate. Another noteworthy difference that distinguishes the two views is the design stability. The design stability of a process view is a more limited approach because business processes and the applications that support them are forever changing, whereas a data view can stand the test of time easier because the data needs of an organization do not change as frequently. In addition, in the …show more content…
In addition, in the data organization process orientation data files are individually designed for in each application. However, with a data view files are designed for the entire organization. The last noteworthy characteristic that one should be able to make a distinction between data and process views when designing a new system is with the state of the data. In a process there is a wide array of variables that allow for a lot of uncontrolled duplication in the workplace. On the other hand, from a data orientation, the state of data would be controlled allowing for selective duplication. All of these factors can help an HR representative determine which data features and processes are suitable for their organizations needs and culture.

The determination of weather the physical or logical model is more useful in designing the HRIS is a matter of opinion. In referencing the book its my understanding that organizations must first have a strong logical model and understanding of it before they can proceed with implementing the physical components. For this reason alone, I think its only logical for me to conclude that the logical model is most useful when designing the HRIS. The logical model represents the nature of the business its strategy. Whereas the physical process implementation is based on serving the business by adapting physical systems that incorporate

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