Design A Single Subject Design Essay

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Design A single subject design was being implemented in this quantitative study. In order to establish a baseline, there was one week of no treatment. At this time, off task behaviors were charted (listing, seat on the task, throwing chairs, throwing self on the floor, vocal grunts). Once baseline data had been collected and analyzed to determine the frequency and duration of the behaviors, three weeks of treatment followed. The treatment involved the implementation of a teacher designed picture exchange communication system that incorporated actual pictures of objects in the subject’s classroom and school environment. Boardmaker, software program created by Mayer-Johnson, was used for the development of some of the pictures symbols. The treatment was implemented throughout the three hours the student was in class. During the second week of the study, researcher introduced a picture communication system for student. Researcher started by introducing a picture of his preferred toy (toys). In the morning, when subject got off the bus, researcher had subject’s favorite toy car along with the picture of his toy car. When subjects refused to sit on the bench and began with outbursts and throwing self on floor, researcher showed the students the toy car. Researcher then showed subjects picture of toy car. Researcher gave subjects picture of toy car. Researcher then had subjects hand her the picture of the toy car before she gave him the actual toy car. For circle time,…

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