Essay on Design A Leadership Development Program For Employees

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2. Your organization wants to design a leadership development program for employees they believe are on track for mid-level managerial positions. Because you are versed in a variety of leadership theories and have more knowledge of leadership research than anyone else at the company, they have asked you to advise them on which leadership perspective they should use for developing employees who may have potential to be leaders based but currently do not have the right set of skills. They have asked you to choose from the following four broad leadership approaches: trait perspective, behavioral approach, situational approach, and LMX/followership. Pick the two approaches you would suggest they use for developing leaders and explain why. In addition, explain why you would not recommend using the other two approaches in a training and development program.

Mission: Mid-level management required leadership styles this company wishes to promote as a successful company will provide you with the necessary information on how you can step up and become a leader for our organization. By looking over our further criteria you can better assess if stepping up as a manager is the right decision for you! We want to promote and develop leaders who have similar values and attitude that the company wishes to promote.
Two management styles supported: Of the four management styles we can confirm that Behavioral approach and situational approach would be the best fit for the company.…

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