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Riasad Chowdhury
ENG 112
Prof: Stephen Clark

Daily Working Life
Poems are short or long paragraphs written by poets to impact largely on people's way of thinking. Claude McKay is a poet whose most of the poems are not always happy poems but they do give a nudge to people to think about normal daily stuffs in a very different perspective. I have read his poem called "Enslaved" and I have never felt so sympathy about the slavery that the African American people had to go through and how they felt about it. Then it was his another poem "If We Must Die" and it was so much filled with sorrow. I am writing about Claude McKay's poem "The Tired Worker" which actually touched me greatly though it was nothing related to my life
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they wait for their classes to finish for the day and they can return to thier houses. Amazingly this lack of details in the poem not only helps the people outside of their houses to relate it to their life but also for people inside the houses. For example, a housewife who is working whole day in the house can relate it to her life, when she waits for the evening time when all her family memebers are back from work and school and she gets to spend quality time with them. The poet held this lack of details throughout the poem so that the readers can picture themselves while reading the poem.
Claude McKay kept on changing the tone of the poem in different kind of situations. It is his usage of words that helped him to do so and it will help the readers to understand what a person is felling at time of the situation and they can also relate it to their daily life. The 5th line of the poem says "Be paitent, weary body, soon the night", here Mr. Mckay used the word "weary body" to give the tone of tiredness. Readers who will read this part of the poem can relate it to their lives beacuse any worker or office employee or student, who have been out from the morning doing what they have to do does feel tired during evening. The poet gave a tone of irritation on the line "O dawn, O dreaded dawn. O let me rest". He used the words"dreaded dawn" which is a sign of irritation. The readers can relate this to their life because it

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