Essay about Desert Places By Robert Frost

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Loneliness is something everyone fears and, whether they like it or not, everyone feels lonesome at least once in his/her lifetime. Deep in the heart the readers are still desperately lonely and, probably, nothing can be done. It is exactly what Robert Frost wanted to say in his famous poem “Desert Places”. Robert Frost’s “Desert Places” shows the interrelationship of individuality and the need to avoid conformity in society today.

The title of the poem speaks for itself, “Desert Places” is a moral and spiritual wildernesses, where the reader has lost his way. This poem uses imagery, word choice, and symbolism, to explain how depression can make one feel that their life is nothing valuable. He states that the depression felt, for a person that could be the author or someone else is realized when looking at the environment and nature. Frost uses the words, “lonely”, “loneliness”, and, “nothing” throughout the poem to communicate his message. By using the words that describe our feelings, they impact how we feel. If Frost were to use more positive words about happiness and fulfillment the reader might have a more positive interaction with the poem. Not all things to do with winter and snow are depressing and induce loneliness. But, psychological in nature, the poem shows a well-reasoned and realistic fear everyone experiences at some point in their life. A fear to be isolated, rejected, lost in the world and extremely lonely. However, the loneliness that Frost fears is not…

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