`` Desert Places `` By Robert Frost Essay

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Poetry speaks to each individual person differently. What I interpret from a poem may be similar to what another interprets or it could be completely different; this is the miracle and magic of poetry. “Desert Places” by Robert Frost is a key example of this magical word play. Throughout the poem imagery and theme is used to pull emotions and thoughts from deep inside of the reader causing each reader to interpret the poem slightly differently based on their personal experiences. For me the main theme of this poem is loneliness, depression, and hope, which I intend to support with examples from the piece. The speaker in this poem uses imagery such as the snow and the darkness to elicit thoughts of loneliness and depression and hold to this theme as he moves through the poem.
In this poem snow and darkness are used to evoke feelings of loneliness, depression, and even isolation. Of these feelings loneliness seems to stand out when the speaker uses the imagery of “a few weeds and stubble showing last” (Frost, 1936, line 4) which gives me the impression that the stubble and weeds showing through represent him and the isolation that he feels as he stands in the lonely and vast emptiness of the life that surrounds him. The fact that he notes more than one item showing in this image tells me that he does acknowledge the existence of others, but that even in their presence he feels alone.
The main emotion that emerges as I read this poem brings a deep sadness to me, a feeling of…

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