Essay about Descriptive Writing - Original Writing

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It scared her.
She wanted to scream. She thrust herself forward, attacking his lips again. She traced his bottom lip with her tongue as she attacked his bronze hair with her hands. Their tongues twisted together in frantic urgency. His hands slowly moved up her thighs. Her skirt had ridden up significantly from their activities.
She pulled back to suck in a much needed breath, panting hard and heavy. “I need…” she tried to speak but her hazy mind could barely form thoughts. She could hardly form words but he understood.
He nimbly unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it off and throwing it aside. “You’re beautiful,” he said huskily as he unclasped her bra, letting it fall between them. For a moment, he just stared. She felt her skin heating up.
He stood up with Bella in arms and her legs wrapped around his waist with her naked chest pressed against him. “Down the hall, to the left,” she breathed, before connecting her lips to his neck. She wanted to kiss him forever.
Once in her bedroom, Edward dropped her on the bed, unbuttoning his shirt and he crawled toward her. “You are perfect.” He threw his shirt aside.
He covered her body with his, forcefully digging his fingers into her hips as their lips reconnected. She wrapped her legs around his waist feeling his growing arousal. He slowly dragged his fingers up her sides, over her ribcage and to her breasts. He cups them in his hands, lightly flicking her nipples with his thumbs. They stood firmly in response to his touch.

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