Descriptive Writing - Original Writing Essay

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He felt adventurous... As he passed back through the lower rooms and headed for the winding stairs... He actually went into a little trot, and like a kid, bounded up the wide stairs in excitement that made him a little embarrassed... And let out a little mischievous chuckle... Finally upstairs he 's presented with a bending long hall with four large rooms attached to opposite sides... He inspects what appears to be the master bedroom and finds it partially furnished with a good size bed, minus bedding, but a large firm mattress, surprisingly clean...almost spotless... One less piece of furniture he 'll have to summon up from the city... Thinking thus, he reminds himself by way of notepad, which he pulls from his top pocket to telephone Martin with specifics instructions...jotting this down while walking out and into a little side study of the same room... He finds his way to the light of the window and looking down, a scrap of brown paper catches his eye... Hm... Maybe a clue... He tucks his pencil and notepad back into his pocket and bends down to inspect it... Hoping it might give some clue as to the former occupant.
Holding it close to the light of the window, for these rooms, like the downstairs, are high and dark, he squints to read the scrawled note... Not a letter of correspondence, but more like a memo one might make to themselves, to remember something they 'll possibly forget, But the writing seems rushed and desperate... Like some one in a hurry.... He finally…

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