Descriptive Writing About Friday Night Lights

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Friday Night Lights

Cheering, screaming, and parents coaching from the sidelines; this is only a portion of what goes on at a Friday night football game in Texas. Nothing can get a small Texas town more excited than going down to the local stadium to watch boys fight over a ball. From a Forney High School Highstepper’s perspective Friday nights are the highlights of their fall. Friday night lights bring frenzy and flurry to a small town.
Before a football game, a stranger would think a slumber party commenced in the dance room. Blaring music, continuous screams of laughter, the distinct smell of hairspray in the air. There is the ongoing conversation between girls, while they do their hair and makeup and the ever so obvious scatter of clothing
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Halftime had finally arrived and we were on the sideline ready for the cue. Halftime is definitely the shining moment for the Highsteppers. As walk on the field to the band 's playing of the fight song, the officers are strutting and the fringe is flying. We get into our places and then it starts. The blaring music starts and the sound of catchy beats, bad cheer music, and country songs fill the stadium 's ears. Our upbeat pom mix is the start of many contagions, sharp movements, and formations. The crowd is going wild. The Highsteppers are basking in all the glory FHS provides us. The “ohs” and “aws” keep us going as the dance quickly drains us of all the energy we could possibly have. The student section is surprised at this year 's Highsteppers. This was the first time they have seen us as a team on the field. In awe of the sequins shining bright in the overpowering stadium lights, they are on their feet cheering us on. Our traditional field uniforms are glittering and gleaming in the lights wowing the crowd. The turf is getting all in our jazz shoes and puncturing our feet as we dance through the pain. There is no better feeling then dancing under those lights and having everyone’s attention. The dance is over and we sassily walk off the field knowing the crowd loved our dance. We meet up at the facility ready to be yelled at by our coach, but we are pleasantly surprised when we are praised for our moves. There is a sweaty cloud of fumes coming off our drained bodies. The cloud is so thick you can taste the sweat, almost like we are playing the game instead of providing entertainment. Back in our perfectly aligned line, we make it into the stands after being worshiped for the great performance on the

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