Descriptive Stats Analysis Essay

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Barbara Tucker who oversees Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc for the Douglas Medical Center location decided to conduct a survey in regards to the research question asking, why the turnover rate jumped from averaging 55-60% to 64%. A survey was given to each employee of BIMS that support the Douglas Medical Center and of the 5,300 employees only 78 participated in the survey leaving a very low response rate or 17.3%. This immediately tells the observers that the morale of the employees is not very high and one can only hope that the information provided by the 78 employees helps to point to why they are feeling this way. The following information will show how the responses were computed using descriptive statistics in the form …show more content…
Measures of Central Tendency
After careful scrutiny, our team has revised our initial assessment of the nature of the BIMS survey data and has come to the conclusion that the survey is, in fact, qualitative in nature. Questions 1-10 are ordinal, because the categories assigned can be ordered or ranked; questions A, C, and D, are demographic in nature, and, thus, nominal, because the categories do not have an intrinsic order (in addition, questions C and D are dichotomous). We have also calculated the measures of central tendency (mean, median, and mode) for the survey data and are able to reach some interesting conclusions. First of all, we stand by our original assessment that the data retrieved BIMS was not enough to reach any definitive conclusions about what the majority population of the BIMS employees feel, but, in the absence of returned surveys, we ‘crunched’ the numbers, so to speak, and came up with the following:
• The value that was most used by respondents was number two, which has been identified as “Somewhat Negative,” with value one, “Very Negative,” second. To give these numbers some sort of contextual reference, more responses were number two, the frequency of which is higher than possible responses four

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