Descriptive Statistics Essay

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Unit 2 – Probability and Distributions
Iesha Babers
American InterContinental University

Many occasions can’t be predicted with absolute certainty and the best way to say how likely something will happen is to use probability. When you have a set of data that is well defined and random probabilities can be used to describe statistical numbers of outcomes divided by the number of all the outcomes.

To: Head of American Intellectual Union
From: Iesha Babers
Date: 04-06-14
Subject: AIU Percentages

Dear: Head of American Intellectual Union: It has been a joy to do some research on AIU below you see the percentage of male and females that are with in AIU, the tenure these employees have been with the
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Statistics can determine unemployment, housing, or population growth in a country (Stephanie, 2010). Statistics holds a positions in a lot of fields such as mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics. So the application of statistics is very wide.
A distribution table can be used to organize data to where it makes sense (DeGroot, 2011). Information on a distribution table can be used by AIU see the number of males and females that participated in the survey and how they rated each category from highest to lowest scores.
Distribution of Individuals by Gender
|Gender |Percentage |
|Females |50% |
|Males |50% |

Tenure with Company Distribution by Gender

| |Under 2 years |2-5 Years |Over 5 years |
|Male | |16 |15 |
| |24 | | |
|Female | |11 |18 |

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