Personal Narrative: My First Love In Football

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It was another Friday night under the bright stadium lights on the football field with the fans cheering, full of spirit. It gives such a warm, joyful feeling when on that field. For some good reason, everyone on the team was pumped up and ready to play, especially me. I was feeling better than normal. I was ready to knock the wind out of some kids and make big plays on offense and defense.
Before the game, my coach told me he needed me to play my best game that night and to not let him down. He said I was going to play on offense, defense, and special teams at all times with limited breaks. Any football player knows how demanding that request is, and how much you have to give to achieve the greatness requested of you. After talking to me,
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By halftime, we were up three touchdowns. During the third quarter the other team started to come back. They brought our lead down to just one touchdown. The fans were slowly getting more and quieter, our team was starting to believe that we would lose the game, and the other team had a mindset to win the game. By the fourth quarter it was still a one touchdown lead, but the other team had possession of the ball at the forty-five yard line. There was three minutes and forty-six seconds left on the clock and they had to make a big play in order to win the game, and Coach Hershey knew that. Coach always had me line up with number twenty eight - the other team’s best receiver. Through the whole game I kept him shut out, and the quarterback eventually stopped throwing to him because it was pointless. On the fourth play of their last drive, it took them what seemed like forever to get set up and ready to snap the ball. Coach Hershey for some reason started yelling my name frantically. His eyes were about to pop out of his head and his face was as red as a tomato. I ran towards him and all he was screaming was, “Watch your man you hear me? Watch him! Don’t let him get by you. Do your job.” He said “do your job” a lot, but this time when he said it, he meant

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