The Owls In The Restaurant Industry

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From what I have read and what I have seen in my life time is amazing, but the one thing that stands out is that the restaurant industry has grown stale. It has the same thing and does the same thing not one person has step outside of the box. I’m here to do just that. I’m here to blow the lid off the restaurant industry and keep it moving and a direction that it has been afraid to go. Like Robert Frost once said I’m going to take the road less traveled. The questions I ask are you willing to take that road with me. Are you willing to think outside the box and give a change a chance? If you arte let’s begin and lets not hold back any longer.
My vision statement is one of a restaurant that looks small, but thinks big. I want to use Khios stations
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One that has come a long way and its here now. The name of my restaurant is OWLS. Now what makes me call my place owls is because who doesn’t love the owl and who doesn’t love the who. It’s a mix of a wing joint and a casual restaurant all wrapped in one. The type of operation that owls is a casual restaurant. It also has a bar that allows people to come and relax and have a drink. The location that owls is place is Denver on 16th street. The reason I chose Denver Is because it a hot city that is growing at a steady speed and its showing no sign of slowing down yet. The reason that I want to go with 16th street is because its Denver main tourism street where people new to Denver go to experience the city. The days of operation for owls are no different then other restaurants. Monday to Thursday are 11-11. Friday to Saturday 11-1:00, Sunday 9-10. Now let me explain this schedule. Monday thru Thursday we keep it simple and don’t push anything. When we get to Friday and Saturday we are open longer because we want to cater to the young people who stay out late. We want to cater to the people who are on a date and also keep in line with the other restaurants that are in the area. The seating capacity has to be something that any manager wants to pay attention to. Having enough people to catered to and make money is so important. The seating capacity of owls is 280. The service that we offer is one of a wait staff, but does …show more content…
At the head of the chart I would put myself. I will be the Owner, Founder and General Manager of owls. My job will be to run the day to operations and make sure that we are running smoothly. My next position will be an assistant manager by the name of Alex Anderson. He will be responsible for ordering and working with on cash flow. My next manager will be Brian Hendon his job will be to manage the schedule and a kitchen. My Next manager will be Lisa Martin. Her job will be back of the house and the front of the house manager. She will hold both position and she will make sure that it runs smoothly. The next position will be my Bar manager and technology director. His job will be to make sure the bar is fully stocked and to make sure that the technology in our computer system is working. This team’s main job to make owls one of the best restaurants and one of the best places to work. One customer at a time, one dish at a time, we will make the customer happy just in the nick of time. My Human resources plan. How I will recruit, interview, hire, and train employees. First off how I will recruit people is by going over the benefit package I have. I will use social media and I will go to job fairs. I will post my jobs on the internet on search engines. Once I get them in the door, I will interview them, I will have three of my managers doing the interviews. Once we get past the interview I will interview them. I will ask

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