Personal Narrative: My Role As A Woman

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Have you ever noticed that alarm clocks never come with the option of sirens for your daily wake-up call? Perhaps this is for good reason - I do not recommend it to anyone on any occasion. On November 1st, 2003, I was abruptly awakened by the horrifying sound of sirens, a sound that did nothing but put a deep pit in my stomach as I crawled out of bed that Saturday morning. In a panic, my mom quickly grabbed my brother and me and rushed us to our neighbor’s house. We spent the next few hours playing in their basement the way a six and an eight year old always tend to do. My mom sped off to trail the ambulances to Stamford Hospital where she sat and waited in misery for what would feel like the longest hours of her life.
Eventually, she returned
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I would focus on the fact that ever since I was six years old, I have been raised entirely by two women: my mother and my grandmother. They have always been the ones teaching me how to play sports, cheering me on, encouraging me to work hard, and motivating me to be a loyal friend and generous member of our community. Above all, they have taught me the importance of independence and self-respect, particularly as a female in a society where women can often be considered inferior to …show more content…
They have shown me how to find happiness in yourself, in the ones that you love, and in the things that you love. Given that they were both deprived of their spouses at comparatively young ages, they showed me that by devoting yourself to your family, friends and passions, your life could still be full of amusement and joy despite hardship or tragedy. Societal standards and gender stereotypes have come a long way over the years, and my mother and grandmother have been first-hand examples that reinforce the idea that the conventional description of women being “emotionally weak” or “fragile” is simply

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