Game Day-Personal Narrative

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Game Day
I woke up thinking, It's game day. I was as nervous as a mouse surrounded by a cat. My 13-year-old baseball team was playing the team that won the championship two years in a row. I kind of thought we all were nervous because if we lost that meant we go home and nobody wanted to go home. Since I was awake early in the morning I thought I should do my daily routine of stretching and eating my oatmeal and salad. Since our game was later that day like a night game I just did a few sit ups and push ups to keep myself warm and ready. I was hoping the team was doing the same. This team we were playing was supposed to be really good, telling by their record they were pretty good.
It was two hours until game time, so my coach took the team
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They got three outs and now we were in the field. When we were in the field Jackson gave up a big hit to the right field, the batter got to third we all were nervous after that. Our coach brings in Nick to relieve Jackson. As a matter of fact, Nick struck out two batters and almost three. The count was two strikes three balls I know this because I was catching for this pitcher, but the very next pitch the batter hit a HOME RUN over the left field fence. After that some of us gave up. Some of us kept our heads up and kept believing. It would take the entire team working together for this come back to happen, not just one person. That wasn't the case for us only three of us didn't give in. Me, NIck, Jackson, were the only ones who didn't give in. It was the last inning bottom of the sixth, Me and Nick were on base NIck was on third, I was on second. Xander was batting it was a one, two, three If you don't know what that means Xander missed three strikes and the game was over. We all went back to the hotel and swam for a long time, our parents went out with some friends and me and Nick hung out in my room and watched movies and played basketball. We talked for awhile in my room, but the main thing that stuck it was something we both agreed on it was that we will have to play as a team and not just one person that will win us the

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