Descriptive Essay- a Summer Night

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Eyes Left Burning and Heart Still Searching My eyes start to tingle and burn as they become covered by a blanket of smoke as I stare into the bright glow of a 4th of July bonfire. I’m relaxed and comfortable as I reclined back in my canvas lawn chair. With one hand, I loosely hold a dewy can of beer, and my other hand is tucked tightly under my knee to keep from the cool air. I close my eyes tightly trying to rid of the burning from letting myself stare far to long into the flames. They seem to reach and throw themselves high into the darkness of the clear night sky.
I gaze around the fire, and the guests seem to be enjoying themselves as they mingle with family and friends. Billows of laughter escape from each of the small circles of
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His face, figure, and voice all sound so familiar as I unknowing stare and try to recall the memory of him, but its far to vague in my mind. Even in the dark, I can see through the flashes of the fireworks not only his silhouette, but his soft face expressions, and even the glow of his skin.
His bright, blonde, curly hair and his smooth, tan skin is only the beginning of my fascination. His brood chest, shoulders and sculpted abdomen are shown by the dynamic of the light from

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