Descriptive Essay : Walking Through A Mall

1257 Words Oct 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Walking through a mall on a late September day, minding your own business and suddenly a random person approaches you and compliments your hair verbally then proceeds to become physical by touching it gently, without permission. How would you react? Would you take the compliment or react in an aggressive way? If the person asked in a polite way if they could touch your hair, would you accept or not?
Walking around a mall, enjoying yourself, shopping alone or whomever your with, you don’t think twice about people approaching you in a way as such. Touching other people’s hair without permission is out of the norm in the United States. Simply complimenting someone’s hair is nice, but going out of your way to invade personal space to touch the individuals’ hair is taking it a sept too far. Late afternoon on September 24th, my mom, boyfriend (spencer), and I decided to run this experiment. The plan was to approach individuals who were standing in one place and hadn’t seemed to being on the move at the time. From there, Spencer would come with me to observe the bystanders’ reactions while I proceeded to violate the norm. While violating the norm, my mother would be roughly 15 feet away observing reactions from the response given off by the individual. On the way to the mall, I expected the range of reactions to be broad, such as a simple genuine “thank you”, sarcastic or not, I was going to take it, or as far as a slap on the hand. The response that would be given off, would…

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