Descriptive Essay : Vacation Station

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Meta: Pack your bags, as thanks to Playtech you are off on a true once in a lifetime holiday. Aptly dubbed Vacation Station, this game splashes sunshine across the reels unlike ever before!

Vacation Station

Vacation Station is a game that offers players the chance to travel, without ever needing to leave the couch. With the graphics portraying the typical British seaside holiday, with the cliché Hawaiian styled shirts, large sunglasses, and overflowing suitcases found everywhere you look, this game is something that the majority of holiday goers can relate to! The symbols within the game itself are that are multiple travel methods, including buses, trains and airplanes. As a game offered by Playtech, the quality of this title is almost a given, but does its theme lend itself to the slots environment? Read on to find out!

Take the trip of a lifetime

Whilst many three reel slot games provided by Playtech are simplistic in design and gaming options, Vacation Station offers something a little bit different. The reels are displayed in a 3x3 gird, and offers 8 payout lines - which are situated vertically, horizontally and even diagonally, boosting the chances for players to win immensely.

Throw on your sunglasses

When playing at a casino, whether online or in real life, the amount of money that the player wishes to spend can vary quite a lot. Vacation Station is a game that caters to all players of all budgets quite frankly. From those who want to play leisurely and not…

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