Descriptive Essay - Time Between Times

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Time Between Times.

I lounged in the same spot, an old patio chair minus the cushions on my back deck, and watched my kids come and go. They are a flurry of youthful exuberance. Fighting, screaming, yipping, laughing, and talking a mile a minute-- bare feet, bug bites, and snack-hungry tummies—they demanded and took but also gave kisses and breathless hugs. The sun shifted and changed as I watched. Shadows engulfed the yard. The sun and the moon faced one another. The time between times fell, not yet night but no longer fully day. I listened to the ocean-like tide of cars mix with the chirps of both bird and cricket. All was as it should be. Cut grass, smoke from a neighbor’s grill, nothing new or special. So I tried another time and another. I even came out to luxuriate in the hush of late night--low car-tide, sleeping children and birds—wrapped in a cloak of darkness which provided a false sense of privacy from my too close neighbors. Lights from Mylan sparkled among the trees as though stars came down to decorate their branches.
Turns out, getting lost and finding magic isn’t as simple as sitting still long enough for it to catch me.
So I became more proactive. Hyper-focused on details, I did find something. My To-do list. A board needed nailed down again on the steps, and the deck re-staining, and weeding to be done, and flowerpots to be cleaned and brought in before the cold hit, and toys to be picked up, and, and, and…
Outward focus could only take me so far. The…

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