Descriptive Essay : ' The Walk '

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The Walk The bright, beautiful light of the suns flashes across the world as I open the door. I feel great, the sun is shining. The air smells just as good as a neighborhood Barbeque. I know it’s going to be a good day. I continue to walk but at a slow pace. It’s such a beautiful day out that I want to observe and take in all that nature has to offer for the day. The sun is feeling amazing as a warm blanket on a cold day, I continue to hear the water of the fountain falling back into the river it came out of.
I see a group of small ducklings waddling around following their prominent and confident mother. As the mother moves to a different area, one by one the ducklings follow her. It’s a special sight to see that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Once I pass them, I continue to come up towards the fountain and feel the cool mist of the water hit my skin, refreshing me. I hear a splash, turn my head, and all I see are ripples. I know it’s a fish and picture how big, what color, and how shiny it is when the sun shines on it. Every once in a while, I’ll see a small lizard just sitting right outside a group of bushes once I take a step closer to it, they just back into it which once swift movement. It is so quiet and peaceful out, it is one of those perfect moments.
Once I reached the Shalala Center, more people began to pass me. It became noisier and more crowded as if the peacefulness was just punted miles away from me. I notice myself becoming less comfortable…

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