Descriptive Essay : The Three Kingdom Period

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Our lives are closely connected with an art. People easily regard an artwork as something that is far from our lives, but it is always around us. Now, I would like to introduce one of Buddhist artworks of Korea. The title is Pensive Bodhisattva. The artist is unknown. However, it was made in mid-7th century during the Three Kingdom Period. The dimension of this artwork is 8 7/8-inch and the medium is gilt bronze. It is located in Gallery 233 among other Korean artworks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art now. Pensive Bodhisattva has typical features of the Buddhist artworks. Also, the interesting aspect is we can see the unique features of the Three Kingdom Period’s artwork through this sculpture. When we see this sculpture at first, the most noticeable point is the bodhisattva’s posture. He sits on the dais and he puts his right leg over his left leg. The right leg also props his right elbow and his fingers especially the forefinger and the middle finger touch his right chin and he rests his left hand neatly on his right ankle. The description of his fingers and toes are very realistic. When we see the fingers and toes, we can feel how the artist put his or her blood into sculpting each fingers and toes. However, his posture seems agonizing. When we take a closer look his face, his eyes are closed and he puts gentle smile on his lips. For that reason, his posture reminds us his anguish, but at the same time, his facial expression and the atmosphere are reminiscent of…

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