Descriptive Essay : ' The Red Ground '

1644 Words Jul 11th, 2016 7 Pages
As my heavy eyelids open, I immediately look out to identify the scenery around me. After two years of traveling, the landscapes begin to slowly blend together. The red ground tells me I’m in Arizona. No, it’s too flat. Arizona has miles of towering mountains that make you feel tiny in comparison. It must be Utah. No, there’s way too much green. Utah is so red you feel like you could drown in it. It’s New Mexico. New Mexico has seemingly endless roads of nothing that rarely lead to any place of significance, but it still manages to enchant you. If I look hard enough, I can see the peaks of red mountains off in the distance of the open road, with nothing else but dirt. I’m in the passenger seat of a beat up 1962 VW convertible. The cracked, light blue paint makes the car look worn down and cheap, but the driver tells me that he saved up for this car all of high school, working at a local mechanic shop in Jasper, Indiana, where he left as soon as he got the keys. His name is Tom. He has calloused hands and bloodshot eyes that seem to constantly glance at me. Several times I woke up during our journey to find his hand softly resting on my shoulder. I half expected his hand to slowly wander down my arms, as if he assumed I was oblivious to the obvious change of intentions that I had come to expect. Instead, it stayed put in a place of innocence, of protection. I couldn’t help but wonder if the placement of his hand was for my benefit or his. Out of the many men I had encountered…

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