Descriptive Essay : ' The Night My High School '

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I can still remember the numbness that flooded my body after I took my last glance at that scoreboard for the rest of my life. I never thought the day would come where I would walk off that football field for the last time. That Friday night my high school, Kenowa Hills, was facing Mona Shores. This was the very last game of the season. Mona Shores was ranked number two in the state and reporters were already projecting us to lose. All season we anticipated this game. Although some feared it, many could not wait to prove the critics wrong. This game was a must win for us because it determined whether we would advance to the playoffs. I have never experienced a game with as much emotion as this one.
Taking that walk from the locker room to the stadium gave you a feeling only a football player could ever feel. The determination, focus, and also a lot of nervousness flooded through our minds. This time, it could possibly be our last time as a team crossing that sidewalk and entering the field. Holding hands with one another while the traditional song Thunderstruck by ACDC played through the air gave us chills that took over our bodies. We entered the stadium with a different feeling this time. Leaving everything we possibly had on that field was an understatement, it was going to take much more than that. With all the doubters, critics, and negativity, it made this moment mean even more to us.
The very first play of the game filled the crowd and sideline with cheering,…

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