Descriptive Essay : ' The Land Of The Barbarians '

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Said claims the boundaries are “arbitrarily drawn” by delineating his abstract notion of imaginative geography which originated from nature of humanity. In concerning this imaginary space “some distinctive objects are made by the mind, and that these objects, while appearing to exist objectively, have only a fictional reality,” in exemplification “[a] group of people living on a few acres of land will set up boundaries between their land and its immediate surroundings and territory beyond, which they call the “land of the barbarians”. Therefore, creating “in one’s mind a familiar space is "ours" and an unfamiliar space beyond "ours" which is "theirs" is a way of making geographical distinctions that can be entirely arbitrary.” He continues, though noting by using the “word "arbitrary" here because imaginative geography of the "our land barbarian land" variety does not require that the barbarians acknowledge the distinction. It is enough for "us" to set up these boundaries in our own minds; "they" become "they" accordingly, and both their territory and their mentality are designated as different from "ours." (Said, 54). Simultaneously, he demonstrates perception of the bisected world is of the East, which is he claims is continental Europe and the alternate half of as “Orient,” which he is likely to be referring to the Middle East, which can be inferred by his multitudinous naming of “Islam”. Although certainly there was an ideal of the Greek ethnicity, however is…

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