Descriptive Essay : ' The Clock '

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I awake to the shrilling sound of my alarm. The time reads three o’clock. I enter a brief state of confusion before realizing what day it is. I remember, and my heart skips a beat. It’s the day I’ve been waiting for all year; I am going to the beach for the week. I rise from my bed with a grin on my face and get ready for the long trek ahead. My family travels to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina every year during the second-to-last week of August. The island is minutes from the North and South Carolina border, which accounts for an eight hour drive. This vacation is a tradition that dates back to the 1990’s, so my mom knows the route like the back of her hand. The amount of people who go each year varies, but usually the vacation consists of about eighteen to twenty people. The core group of people who travel include my immediate family, my mom’s parents, my mom’s two sisters and their families, my mom’s aunt and uncle, and a few family friends. We always rent a house for a week, and we choose different houses depending on the size of the group. We favor the “original” house, which is on the beachfront and has a pool. We now know that the house we in which we stay doesn’t matter, because we have a great time no matter which house we choose. Getting to the beach is surprisingly one of the most fun things about the trip. First of all, the anticipation of the approaching week outweighs the long, gruesome drive. My mom blares the music, and we all sing our…

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