Descriptive Essay : ' Taj '

1505 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
It is almost dark. Taj is standing near his fallen prey, a male whitetail deer. He watches it for a while so that he can be sure that the deer is deceased. Because he sees that it is, he does not cut its throat. He looks for a slope so that he can position the deer in such a way that the intestines spill out easily. Not seeing any slopes nearby that he can drag the deer to, he decides to stick with the spot the deer lies. Taj walks over to the deer. He then kneels down, removes his pack, and searches through it. While rifling through it, Taj removes his hunting knife, a large drop point blade as sharp as a razor. He also proceeds to search the bag for his elbow length plastic gloves that protect his hands from the deer’s internal fluids, but he cannot find them. Consequently, he decides to go without them. He manages to find his bone saw, a stiff-bladed saw with very fine teeth. He withdraws it and sets it on the ground. The last item he removes from the pack is his head lamp. After turning it on, he secures the lamp to his hat. In order to keep his outer garments from becoming bloody, Taj removes his winter gloves, hat, orange vest, and jacket. Taj moves the carcass so that it is lying flat on its left side, with its head to the right and tail to the left. He carefully unsheathes his knife. With his free hand, he feels the deer’s chest to find the sternum, the bone that runs down the center of the deer’s chest and connects all of the ribs to each other. Then he runs his…

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