Descriptive Essay - Sweet, Faithful And Loving

851 Words May 30th, 2015 4 Pages
Sweet, faithful and loving are only a few things that describe Misty. She is a four-year-old german shepherd. Misty is the sweetest, but most protective dog out there, at least in my eyes, of course. She definitely is one of a kind and a spoiled rotten fur baby. You are probably wondering how Misty came in to my life. I remember it clearly, as if it had happened just yesterday. It was a cold, windy December night. My friend showed up at my house, I grabbed my coat and went outside to meet her. I noticed it was taking her awhile to get out, I could see her grabbing something from the back seat. I did not think much of it. All I could think of was how cold it was and how much I wanted her to hurry! As she was walking towards me I could see something in her arms. It was as if she was carrying something wrapped and bundled up in a towel. It was moving! “What is that moving?” I asked. She was and has always been her own kind of spontaneous, so I thought what has she got herself into this time. There she was standing in front of me holding a puppy in her arms. The puppy was shivering and I said, “c’mon you crazy, lets get it inside.” When we got inside the house I got a better look at the pup, she was fluffy and looked so soft. She was a golden color. Golden, like a biscuit! She had the sweetest and most gentle eyes. “I like your new pup.” I said as I put it down on the floor, “is it a boy or a girl?” “It’s a girl and its not mine, its yours now?” I didn’t know if I had heard…

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