Descriptive Essay : Summer Is Full Of Excitement And Activities

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Descriptive Essay First Draft
Summer is full of excitement and activities. For me, the days of summer in Brooklyn from June to August are disgusting and suffocating. Every day, there is the ongoing battle against the summer heat. As a result, people continuously perspire and try to catch their breath. They feel lethargic and don’t want to do anything. Some prefer to settle back at home where there’s AC. Others want to take this opportunity to go on vacation or experience new activities.
As I head out for work in the morning, the first thing that I see is the sun. It shines heavily in the sky. It shows off its radiance like a child trying to gain attention. It burns my eyes so much that I have to block the sun with my hands. I already feel the summer heat outside. It comes at you like when get dust thrown in your face. That is what it feels like. My arms and legs start to flame up. This shoots up my body temperature making me sweat. The sweat is rolling down my face when my face is oily. It starts to build up and makes my shirt stick to my body. The heat of my body temperature transfers over to my backpack. I could feel the warmth of it. The combination of these two is like a burning inferno. It makes the atmosphere feels sticky and hard to breathe. There is no fresh air and the wind is humid. It drains the motivation of people. People are sluggish due to the heat. They refrain from physical activity and settle themselves where it is cool. Asian people walk down the…

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