Descriptive Essay : ' Sequential Flow '

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As someone who sits in their chair all day, I can relate to bad posture. Often, I am hunched over my desk, and even when I 'm not, I feel like I 'm still in that position. According to Mike Westerdal, the creator of Forward Head Posture, this is called texting neck. This is the type of posture we get from looking down at our phones, tablets, computers, and even books. If your head looks permanently misaligned with your shoulder and rest of the body when you look at yourself from the side, then you are probably suffering from this ailment. This Forward Head Posture Review will look at a solution.

What Is Included In Forward Head Posture?

Inside you will learn the 'sequential flow ' that consists of 10 exercises that target muscles in a sequential order for optimal results. Some programs like this don 't come with video, but this one does. You get a demonstration of each of the exercises in the sequential flow. You also get explanations of what you should be feeling as you do each exercise and what the exercise is specifically doing to your body.

Besides showing you how to fix the problem, you will learn about the problem and exactly how to fix it and why it works. Following are a few of the things you will learn.

- What causes forward head posture and why leaving it untreated is damaging to your health.

- Breathing exercises that help you release tension in the body and bring it back to balance.

- How to realign your neck so that you can get your head into a more…

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