Spitfire Case Study

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Are you tired of eating junk food? If so, Then Spitfire is the perfect place for you, many fast food restaurants fail at providing a healthy meal. However, Spitfire provides customers with quality service, healthy foods and a beautiful scenery to dine in, Spitfire is a local restaurant in south beach Florida. It introduces the traditional street food of the Mediterranean.

The spitfire is a restaurant that provides marvelous service. At Spitfire, the team treats every customer in such a wonderful manner that they refer their friends to our restaurant. Over the few months working at Spitfire overall the restaurant received approximately 25 referred customers, in return we give the referee 30 percent off their next purchase. A major rule in our marvelous customer service is our adequate communication skills. When dealing with a customer, we pay close attention to their verbal, and body language. Based on these two things we learn to efficiently communicate with our customers. When we approach a customer, we read their body language while responded back to them. Moreover, if the customer feels tired we would great them with a smile and a statement “you had a long day?” the customers usually
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The team put the time and energy into serving our customers. The restaurant believes in being healthy and wonderful dining. Making sure our priority to ensure that everyone of our customers is thrilled. Over the years, the restaurant grew financially and physically base of our customers. Therefore, for us to continue to succeed, we must continue to meet our customer needs. Working at Spitfire helped the team mentally, physically and financially. I learned that most people just need an ear or a shoulder to cry off,with also a few words of kindness go a long way. I have completely changed my diet to fit Spitfire regiment. Spitfire uniqueness and simplicity will continue to change lives and make a

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