Descriptive Essay : Referencing System

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What is referencing?

This essay will be discussing about referencing. Referencing is a system usually used in academic assignments. It is essential for students as we are required to indicate the sources of our previous research which has been written in our essays, and this will be further discussed below. In spite of many different referencing systems, the focus will be ‘Harvard Referencing System’. It will be in accordance with the order to discuss the origins, uses and purposes of using in academic referencing.

Owing to different versions from different people, someone argue whether the origin of Harvard Referencing System was Harvard University. The first appearance of the system traces back to 1881, a zoologist Edward Laurens Mark published a significant cytological paper on the embryogenesis. And the evidence is on page 194, a parenthetic author-year citation with an explanatory footnote was used. (Chernin, 1988, p.1062) However, the style of referencing changed after years later. Another evidence comes from a 1903 festschrift by his former students. The students appreciated so much the way Mark had fully utilized citation in the paper to introduce into zoology, along with a convenient and uniform method of referring from text to bibliography which alphabetically by author and year. (Chernin 1988, p.1063) The origin of ‘Harvard System’ is still unknown in spite of the evidence above. Hewer points out (1945, p.234) ‘Harvard System’ was not…

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