Descriptive Essay : Rank Crane Hermit

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Key: Kaimen
Rank Crane Hermit
Topic : A life as one whom has secluded themselves from the outside world- only to hone their proficiency in the art of combat.This is the fate that you have chosen for yourself, undergoing the creation and perfection of the art of the Crane.

Years have passed, and now you have gone unto the world, bold and willing to take on students. You have chosen to partake in the World Tournament to find a suitable student, beat your way up the rankings till you find your ideal student.


As Alyna reached the gigantic building of the World Tournament Colosseum, The Crane Hermit couldn 't help but feel slightly overwhelmed. She had isolated herself for years, having just come out now to find a student, if there was one worthy of learning her complicated, nigh impossible techniques. The extravagant building was godlike in comparison to her tiny huddle, unknown to the rest of Humanity.

She strode, gathering her confidence and keeping her chin high into the Colosseum, going through the various security checks before allowance to compete. She made her way towards the punch machine, and kicked it with a signature Crane style kick to the abdomen. Digging her right foot into the ground, drawing her left into her pelvis, and bending to the side. She focused on her leg, causing Ki to speed through her body to her leg and foot, powering up that body part in particular. Using Ki to power the foot forward, she hit the machine straight on the mark! Her…

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