Pizza Culture Essay

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Hot, melting cheesy lava dripping down my chin and hanging in strings towards my hands where a slice of pizza laden with black olives, mushrooms and shrimp tempts me to ignore the molten burning and take a bite anyway. I have gone to a nearly extinct pizza parlor of days gone by. My friends and I used to frequent a cousin of this particular chain to sing Karaoke every Sunday, but ours has been closed for over a decade and we have had to trek far from home to find ourselves in the paradise of cheese, sauce and mojo potatoes. Pizza has cultural variations throughout the world and just about every culture has something similar to pizza, though the ingredients do vary. The best part about pizza is that it is so versatile. Pizza can be healthy or extravagant; made of fruit, pastries, thin crust, thick crust, red sauce, white sauce, vegetables, meat, and, of course, all the cheeses. It is like 21st century ambrosia. Casseroles are another favorite; I love combining foods I like into one dish because it is like the …show more content…
When I was working, I had more variety in my meals because I had a desk to sit at and enjoy my lunch or dinner while I read a good book and relaxed, but I ate a lot of frozen meals when I wasn 't eating leftovers. During the first five quarters of school, when I had class all day, I alternated between bringing food and going out to eat at lunchtime. Fast food was not at the top of my list and I preferred salad bars, authentic mexican food, pho, and szechwan to greasy burgers, fries and shakes, though I ate those occasionally. The menu changed on the lunches I brought to school depending on my moods, from peanut butter and jelly to chicken caesar salads to frozen meals. Not everything was healthy, but with wisdom comes knowledge and with knowledge comes a love of healthier foods enjoyed more frequently, with a move away from processed

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