Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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"Well, here we go, again," I muttered to myself as we boarded the plane.

I looked around to find many unfamiliar faces surrounding me, just as I had many times before. No matter how many times I 'd done this within the past several years, it just never seemed to get any easier.

I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest as my nerves finally began to settle into panic-mode.

"Aunt Brooke, I can 't do this… Not again," I said, tapping the blonde-haired lady in front of me on the shoulder. “I can’t handle… I just want to feel like a kid every once in a while.”

"Calm down, we 're just moving, it 's not the end of the world." She said, pushing through to our seats. "Besides, I 'm sure you 'll really like it there."

"Alright.” I swallowed deeply, my nerves refusing to let up. I wanted to avoid another antagonistic fight – they were never worth it. No matter how right you were, you were always wrong.

"Hey," I heard my younger cousin, Hazel, say in an attempt to gain my attention. "It 's going to be okay," she said, flashing me a huge toothy grin. No matter what was going on, that smile never left her face. That smile always had a way of giving me a needed sense of comfort in the most trying of times.

"You 're completely right, Hazel." I returned her smile.

I was still anxious, but the anxiety subsided long enough for me to lean back in my seat and try to relax. I pulled my phone out and shoved my ear buds in, as I carefully selected a song to listen to. After several…

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