Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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When you stroll into an amusement park you should notice crowds of people and long lines. You should hear screaming, all the rides and pitchers pitching sales, right? Not in my case. The sun had just risen as we pulled into the empty parking lot with only the sight of the band members unloading from the yellow school bus. It was a very crisp morning so we waited in the warm car until they let us in. We finally were allowed to walk in and listen to eighth grade band perform their melodies. As we waited for the rides to officially open, Kylie told me it was going to be entertaining and enjoyable. When they finally let us in and I looked upon what would either be ridiculously exciting or terrifying, I knew the day was going to be one interesting ride.
It was a sharp Saturday morning in spring and I was anxiously waiting to see her dad’s shiny car pull into my grand driveway. Kylie had invited me to Worlds of Fun. Her mother was sick so they had an extra ticket and I was thrilled to attend. The eighth grade band was performing early that morning so I had to be up by 6:30 but it was totally worth it. My mother and father needed to drive my younger sister, Kaelyn, to her tennis tournament so I had the house to myself. The sun was glistening and the early morning dew made a breathtaking aroma. As I waited, I played with my little furry kitten. He loves to look out the front door so I kept it open and we watched all the squirrels and birds go by. When I saw them pull up I kissed…

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