Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

2123 Words May 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
She sat up rubbing her head, dam this is one heck of a headaches. She pulled herself to her feet, and looked around. It was dark, she squinted to see better. She was in a room, a room? She went to the closest side, arms outstretched to prevent herself from running into anything . She felt her way down the wall looking for the door or a window or anything to get her out. After what felt like hours which was only a few minutes she found the handle. She twisted it and pulled it open. Looking out from the doorway a thick mist covers the ground and surround areas. She pulled her jacket tighter to rid the cool feeling she felt. She looked back to room now she could see slighltly better from small amount of light and realized Max wasn 't there.
She looked back out into the mist to see if itdist to see if he had wander outside, perhaps in search of her. She scanned the mist and say him, well at the very least a hazy black figure. Max you big dummy, why are you over there?
“Hey Max, get over here,” The figure didn’t move, maybe he didn’t hear me. “MAX!” She yelled louder causing the figure to back into the tree line.
She sprinted out of the door, towards where the figure was. The mist was thick around her as she reached the tree line, from them she say the black figure turn behind a thick tree. She followed at at sprint calling to the figure. Max if this is you, you 're a real jerk. She watched as the figured twisted and turned through the trees and she fought to keep up. She felt…

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