Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

2081 Words Dec 4th, 2016 9 Pages
My eyelids flutter open and a surge of fear plows through my gut, solidifying itself in my chest. A scream that terrifies even me escapes my throat as I hurl myself sideways away from the grey, flapping thing above me head. “Nass! Nass, calm down,” Maxx voice shouts, pinning me down. “Where am I?” I demand, struggling against his iron grip. My vision is too blurry to see anything clearly. I register Maxx’s face as a large, freckled blob bouncing around above me. Then a debilitating wave of nausea drags me back under, lodging me in the blackness of my unconscious. When I resurface, it’s not Maxx but Rhoda perched above me, pulling a space blanket up to my chin. I watch as she tucks me in and leaves, returning again to wipe my forehead with something soft and wet. Her arm jumps when I reach out and grab her hand, clamping down with far too much force. I want to apologize - explain that I can’t control my muscles for some reason - but all that comes out is, “Where am I?” The words scrape hoarsely over the lining of my throat, dragging like sandpaper across my tongues. “In the tent,” she tells me, yanking her hand from my grasp. I lay back in relief, thankful I 'm not about to get swallowed up by a mysterious grey beast. Now for my next question… “What happened? Why can’t I get up?” “Something bit your leg. Phil did the best he could to get the venom out, but…

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