Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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The further he withdrew from the woods, the more he began to observe his surroundings a desolate wasteland- he was the only living being in this vast wilderness, the air dry, the ground, cracked and barren with no vegetation - all under the unbearable sun. Unfamiliar to the boy, he entered the land of the DAMNED, hiking over a hilltop what could be seen wasn 't Pleasant indeed a waterfall however the waters have long rain dry and its place a legion of lost souls on a voyage of death all willing and wanting to escape this living hell all walking towards the edges like a continuous flow of water.a horrific sight the landmark before him : a bridge built by human bones, but above catacombs of the damned and the marked...laid stacked side by side, sitting above a cavern the size of a city the catacombs... A bottomless pit what leads to the land of the smoke and the burning furnace

His arrival to the bridge was unwelcomed as the sun and sky darkened by clouds of soot. Those who (landed) here forsaken their humanity (resulting in) becoming minor demons, (living forever) as a slave, burdened with a internal affair with the king of Hell, Lucifer. Forced to brute labour, chains replaced their beating hearts restraining them (to any comfort) (destined) to spend the rest of eternity as the workforce of Hell.

Inspired by Babylon, (some nature) cliffsides are chiseled, hammed, (some other movement) in a attempt to recreate their own glorified monument, (a descendant of or akin to)…

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