Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I’d always imagined it to be a loud event, where you could barely hear yourself think. Screams would be polluting the air, making it difficult to breath. There would be sirens going off in the distance, people crying, gun shots sailing through the air, and cars honking, as though that would get them out of this situation any faster. I imagined it to be exactly how Hollywood depicted it to be. I was wrong, terribly wrong. It’s amazing waking up to nothing. I don’t mean birds chirping in the distance, a serene quiet that you wish you’d have after waking up to your alarm blaring. I mean the absolute absence of sound. There were no birds chirping, no cars honking, no one talking. It was like waking up in a silent film. Looking back, that should have been my first clue. Living in South Seattle, one would expect to hear airplanes arriving or leaving, or the steady thrum of police sirens. Yet there was nothing, absolutely nothing. Oppressive is the only word adequate enough to describe it. It felt as though the world had come to a standstill, as if someone had pressed pause. Would it have been better if I stayed asleep? I’m still asking myself that question. Instead of taking refuge under my blanket, I slowly got off my bed and proceeded towards the door. I hesitated before turning the knob, the door looked ominous somehow, daring me to open it and see what horrors dwelled beyond my room. I took a deep breath and berated myself for acting like a punk, I could do this, there…

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