Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Mom, Dad!” He cried out, as he ran for the entrance. But before he had even reached the doors, Kym Quan pulled it open stepping out and grabbing Morgan in an embrace. “Dad, we got to get out of here. The whole town has gone crazy. People are attacking other people, biting them.” “Okay, son… just calm down now.” Kym said. “But, Dad! We’ve got to get Mom and Riley and go.” Riley and Ti Quan then appeared behind them. Ti was brandishing a large kitchen knife and Riley a rolling-pin. “You listen to me and your father now.” Ti said. “You take your brother and go with fat ass.” “Hey, man, what I ever do to you?” Lovienthal shot back at Ti, clearly irritated by her affront. “You never pay your tab, Lovienthal.” Kym chimed in. “Awe, come on now, man. Times have been tough lately. I just got back to work this morning.” “Oh, really… Lazy American finally gets off his lazy ass and gets a job?” Ti said contemptuously. “I believe it when I see it.” “No really, man. Me and V.Q. here went into business for ourselves. We’re entrepreneurs just like you guys.” Lovienthal said feeling a sense of pride beam through him. He then drew out one of his business card handing it to Ti. Studying the card intently for a moment, Ti began to laugh, and then handed the card to Kym, where he joined in his wife’s laughter before speaking a few words in Laotian. “So, you love man sausage, huh,…

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