Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Peeling my eyes open, I was greeted by a strong light. This caused me to instantly clamp my eyes shut again. However, I needed to know where I was. So, mustering all the will power I had, I reopened my eyes and allowed them to re-adjust to the light.

Down stairs I could hear the scuffling of feet. Probably the owner.

Taking in my surroundings, I realised that I was in a small bedroom. There were curtains with flowers printed on to my right. The walls were magnolia in colour, but it somehow made the room more comforting. On the floor, there was a fluffy carpet that I could just sink my feet into.
Everything looked unused. As if no one ever truly spent any time here. I presumed this would be the guest bedroom.

Taking all the strength I had, I tried to turn myself around and get off of the bed.

This resulted in my falling on the floor.

The scuffing down stairs ceased for a moment before the door opened.

"How did he get up here so quickly?" I thought to myself, while folding myself into a small ball.

"Are you ok?" The handsome man asked, seemingly worried for my safety.

"P-please don 't hurt me," I whispered, flashbacks of the night of my attack came to mind.

Both were handsome, until they became something else.

No! They did not even exist! Just a hallucination. I had agreed with myself that this was the case. There was no other explanation.

Even if a part of me did not believe this, it was the only way I could carry on without curling up in a ball.

"I am not going…

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